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Al-Nada Neighborhood Project


Size: 1,358 m2

Description: Eram Real Estate has launched its residential project in the upscale district “Al Nada”, to offer customers the best property services. Al-Nada neighborhood is one of Eram Company's real estate projects, as it represents the company’s vision for the construction of an integrated residential complex that offers the residents all services and amenities.Location: Al-Nada district, RiyadhAl-Nada neighborhood project is located in the most prestigious and best neighborhoods of Riyadh and linking with the most important vital centers in the region, as it is located between Othman bin Affan Road and Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq Road, it is bordered to the north by Al-Takhasusi Road and to the south by Muhammad bin Salman Road. It is located within a walking distance from the Imam University in addition to its proximity to all Schools, mosques, parks, shopping malls, sports clubs, restaurants, and hospitals.Project features:- It features an integrated road infrastructure, lighting, electricity, and water services, as well as advanced foundations and standards to ensure the preservation of the environment.- It has elegant designs and excellent services, including:The entrance to the building is spacious with an open courtyard comprising a soothing waterfall that provides a sense of comfort.An elevator from the Spanish company Arona.The design of the rear facades is in harmony with the front facades, using Martex paints from Al Jazeera Company and aluminum louvers.All floors overlook the courtyard.All apartments provide plenty of natural light.Complete privacy for each apartment, as walls, windows, and external doors are sound and heat insulated.There is a waste room for each floor.The large distance between apartment doors provides a lot of privacy.Most of the apartments feature large private spaces or terraces with distinctive views.All corridors and patio are air-conditionedParquet has been installed for all bedrooms from Abyat company.Concealed air conditioners were installed in the halls and kitchens, and split air conditioners were installed in rooms, all from Gray Company.The building was provided with a civil defense system with automatic spraying in all apartments, rooms, corridors, and parking lots.Kitchens are designed and installed by Abyat Company with a 15-year guaranteeOvens, hoods, and dishwashers from Abyat Company were installed in all apartments.Doors and windows are designed and installed with guarantees of up to 10 years from Abyat.All internal fittings for plumbing materials are from Al-Qublan Company with a 15-year guaranteeLighting and fixtures are energy-saving and last for long periods of time from Mashkati Company.Smart home systems have been installed in the apartments.Each apartment has a parking space in the basementBefore handover of the apartment:To make sure the client is comfortable and to prevent inconvenience, we tried to reduce all the problems that clients might face after they get the apartment:Installation of kitchens.Installation of Air conditioning.Installation of the finest types of ceramics by professionals.